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Fines Recovery Process

Quanta is able to recover value from the fresh catalyst portion that is not retained by FCCUs.  It is estimated that about 15% of all catalyst consumed in the World is rapidly lost to the atmosphere or disposed as waste.    In the US alone, 30,000 tons of catalyst fines are lost per year.  Around the World, 120,000 tons of fines are lost.

Small fines are present in all fresh FCC Catalyst have negative value, create environmental issues and reliability issues to refiners.  We have been removing fines for several clients for years and we have now developed a technology that is commercially available to recover their value!

Re-spray dried Catalyst dust from 3 microns to 70 microns


The benefits of Quanta's VRP: 

  • Savings between 5 and 25% of your fresh catalyst and additives budget by improved retention.

  • A reduction in solid waste from FCC and in scrubber operation costs.

  • Reliability is also improved in downstream equipment such as turbines, slurry pumps and slurry heat exchangers at the bottom of the fractionator. 

  • Improved economics by slurry oil quality improvement.   Reduced solids content (lower Al/Si in slurry) and less HCO needed for dilution

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