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Equilibrium Catalyst

Equilibrium catalyst provides many benefits for the petroleum refiner.

Quanta's technology and application of equilibrium catalyst can reduce gas, improve coke selectivity, control contaminate metals, and source inexpensive additives all while providing a cost effective solution for units with constraints and reducing total catalyst costs.

Contaminated ECAT- 150X
Typical Ecat- 1000X Magnification
Typical Ecat -150X Magnification
Contaminated ECAT- 1000 X

We create value for sellers and purchasers of e-cat through various applications:

  • Metals Dilution

  • Reduced dry gas and coke selectivity

  • Increased Activity

  • Cost effective solution for units with increase catalyst losses

  • Increased propylene yield with ZSM-5 rich e-cats

  • i-flush for selective iron trapping and purging from FCCU

  • e-cat sale is profitable for refiners when compared to disposal options

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