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FCC Catalyst Fines Removal

Quanta has been removing fines for several clients for years and the benefits are well established.

If you are not doing it yet, it is likely the most cost effective improvement in your FCC operations.  Quanta has experience removing fines from catalysts from all major vendors in the United States (Grace, Albemarle, BASF and Sinopec). 


​Small fines present in all fresh FCC Catalyst have negative value, create environmental issues and reliability issues to refiners.   Typical fresh catalyst contains 1-3% wt% 0-20µ  and 10-20 wt% 0-40µ particles which are poorly retained by the regenerator and reactor cyclones.  All of these fines leave the FCC unit rapidly.  These particles are contributors to many issues  that impact refinery operations.  Their removal has the following benefits.


  • - Lower losses/higher retention

  • - Lower opacity even for units with ESP’s

  • - A reduction in solid waste and in scrubber operation costs

  • - Reduction of fines going to power recovery turbines

  • - Less fines to heat exchangers

  • Less fines with Fuel oil tanks.  Savings on tank cleaning

Improved economics by slurry oil quality improvement by reduced solids content (lower Al/
Particle Size D.png
Particle Size D Normalized.png
Unprocessed FCC Catalyst
QUANTA SKU-1008-0219 area-A 150X.JPG
Catalyst with Fines Removed
QUANTA SKU-41008-0219 area-C 150X.JPG
Fines Removed
QUANTA SKU-61008-0219 area-A 150X.JPG
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