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Consolidated supply chain management provided through our logistic services allows for flexibility and responsiveness not possible with programs managed solely by a refinery. Our team communicates with refinery departments and third party entities necessary for smooth and reliable supply chain operations. Whether coordinating rail and truck deliveries or pre-blending supplied equilibrium catalyst with fresh catalyst offsite, our expertise allows refinery personnel to focus on tasks that require their expertise. 

Our constant contact with dispatchers for all industry carriers helps to secure priority routing and maximize overall supply chain efficiency. Leverage multi-carrier options in emergency catalyst loss and unit shutdown situations to increase responsiveness and reduce total time offline. 

Quanta operates strategically located storage and blending facilities throughout the world. Our network has the ability to handle barge, rail, truck, container, super sack, and drum loading/unloading and is managed by personnel with the expertise to coordinate complex international supply chains and navigate associated Customs requirements. 

Our main manufacturing and processing plant is located in Lacassine, Louisiana USA. 

  • Classification of FCC catalyst or its building components

  • Pre-attrition units

  • Milling services

  • World class Rail site

  • Ready trucks’ access to Interstate I-10

  • Truck scales

  • FCC Catalyst Storage in bulk or bags

  • A 140,000 ft2 warehouse

  • Loading and unloading of containers

  • Bagging and un-bagging of supersacks

  • Handling of railcars on site.

  • Handling of bulk trucks on site.


Partnerships with various companies to enhance our logistics network and provide other specialized services, like for example, rapid unloading of hot catalyst from FCCU and catalyst storage during turn-arounds.

North American Facility Locations

Quanta has a rigorous program to ensure that the products and services we provide conform to customers' strict quality specifications.

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